About us

“If you go the extra mile, you’ll achieve more”. These were the wise words of Jan te Pas senior when he founded Ulftse Lak en Moffelonderneming in 1961. Almost six decades later, more than 160 employees now work together on metal products. Quality and reliability are the key characteristics that make our products shine. We don’t do things because it sounds good, but because it’s the right thing to do. We promise to do what we know how to do. And we deliver what we promise. Solidity leads to sustainability. There’s no other company quite like us and we’re proud of that fact. We run ahead of the field, but we know our limits. Our high-quality products are widely distributed. They are used for decoration, fitting and conversion. We manufacture these products in a close team of employees. We’re a team who enjoy working together every day to produce reliable end products. Strength since 1961. That’s Ulamo.

Together with Ulamo Coating and Sentimo we form the Ulamo Group. Under the same Ulamo leadership, with the same can-do attitude, we succeed better together.

Want to grow with us?
We’re looking for people who want to grow along with Ulamo. Employees who are also prepared to go the extra mile to achieve more together.
We’re currently looking for:

  • Metal worker/production worker
  • Fitter/adjuster
  • Metal paint shop production worker

We specialise in the manufacture of products from thin sheet metal and in the application of powder coating. We have a mastery of every aspect of the field. We’re also active as a supplier in a few other sectors.